Why take the time to design a custom process for each client?

Isn’t that what you wanted in the first place? You don’t have to, and you should not, settle for anything less. No client is the same because the people in each company are not the same. All companies have their own humble beginnings, evolution, culture and future plans.

You want a partner that takes the time to understand your current talent needs and inner workings along with the people involved in all aspects of identifying and securing the best talent for your various talent groups. The plan should offer flexibility to align with your future plans as well.

We offer a completely bespoke vendor management process. It’s a 360 degree process that is built for each client. We don’t offer just a software platform. Most MSP/VMS firms tout their software and have it land on the end client and force them to work around what they have built (for themselves). The process they deploy makes it easier for THEM to manage, not the end client, not the vendors and not the targeted consultant population.