Managed Talent Services

Designed around people, not software


According to Staffing Industry Analysts, the evolution continues for contingent workforce managers to adopt complex programs with preferred supplier lists to master vendor programs and MSPs for workforce pipelines. Total talent is the next stage challenging suppliers and buyers to come up with proactive and holistic methods.

This trend is leading to greater demand for services from managed services providers (MSP) as a way to drive even more value from contingent talent and mitigate the growing complexity. The growing use of contingent labor is resulting in increased complexity for many organizations. Not only are companies relying on more traditional staffing, they are also turning to statement of work (SOW) and freelance contractors to gain business agility. But managing multiple classes of workers effectively requires more resources and expertise, which many organizations simply lack. So what’s the answer?



We have evolved to a point where forward-thinking HR leaders understand that contingent workers and contractors provide a constantly needed fluidity for a firm that is essential in today’s world. Independent contractors, contract, and temporary workers provide employers quick responses to changing business conditions with on-demand intelligence, flexibility and control.

As part of the CERES Group, CERES Managed Services is committed to designing and implementing full-service programs that create real strategic advantages for clients. Our solutions go far beyond supplier management and program administration. We take the role of strategic talent adviser, helping map strategy and delivering the right talent when and where it’s needed.

A successful talent acquisition strategy is about people. It always has been, and it always will be. Corporations are made up of people. The talent you want to attract are a specific group of people. The vendors you use are people.

We at CERES MS know successful talent acquisition is not about the software. We are not a software company. We design a process around the people and workflows of your organization. No matter what technology or software advancements are made nothing happens until a person talks to another person.